NSF CAREER 1455099 — Structure of Inorganic Nanoparticle Surface Interface Plus Multidisciplinary Nanochemistry Undergraduate Teaching Lab. 
8/1/2015 – 7/30/2020
Christopher J. Ackerson (PI)

NIH R01 GM112225 A1 — “Radiofrequency Remote Control of Enzyme-Nanocluster Conjugates”
5/1/2015 – 4/30/2019
Christopher  J. Ackerson (PI), George J. Collins (Co-I)

NSF 1507646 — Collaborative Research: Excited State Dynamics of Structurally Precise Metal Nanoclusters.
9/15/2015 – 8/31/2019


NSF CMMI 1434786 — “Highly Parallel Synthesis of Nanostructures Inside Crystalline Protein Scaffolds”
Christopher D. Snow (PI), Christopher J. Ackerson (Co-PI)

NIH R21 EB014520 A1   —  “Clonable Nanoparticles”
(7/1/2012 – 6/30/2015)
Christopher J. Ackerson (PI)

American Federation for Aging Research New Investigator Award
Christopher J. Ackerson (PI)

CSU Cancer Supercluster
Christopher J. Ackerson (PI), Dan Gustafson (Co-I)